Basic information


Java - Standard or  Enterprise Editions are our main development platforms. We use many libraries and tools from the platform – mainly focusing on web applications and related technologies (servlets, XML processing, web services, messaging, database access etc.). 


We are widely experienced in integration with our clients’ information system (e. g. Noris, Axapta, SAP, AVUS) as well as in processing large amounts of data from various providers (e. g. imports of compositions from publishers, imports of job vacancies from Labor Offices, import of adverts from real estate agencies or used car shops, content conversion from other CMS/DMS systems etc.) -  through batch XML files or by messaging or RMI.


Our solutions are focused on content processing. We are experienced in content search indexing – either standard structure, fulltext or customized for a project (e. g. a combined fulltext and structure searching). Optimization approaches and algorithms for searching in a large amount of data records (hundreds of thousands active records, millions of archive records) are a matter of course.

Mobile Technologies

Even mobile technologies are not left aside – we offer services related to WAP, SMS technologies or mobile multimedia. Games are perhaps the only thing we have not tackled (yet) ...


Our solutions are interesting as for their scalability and reliability. Our fixtime guarantee is within minutes in some clients, which must be however conditioned by a robust solution. Our daily talks include publication and edition servers, replications, load balancing etc.


Our solutions could not operate without a profound safety policy. It is both on hardware (firewall, RSA keys etc.) and software level (safe communication, certificates etc.). Our applications must resist to any unauthorized use (e. g. SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc.) 

With us you simply come across many different technologies, utilities, libraries and solutions. 

Basic Division of Our Projects

Our projects can be divided into 4 major fields as for technology: content management systems (CMS), document management systems (DMS), e-shops, customized applications.


These applications deal mainly with content - its preparation (automatic, manual), approval, publication etc. In these projects you encounter fulltext, publications, content acquisition and other technologies. You can visit our CMS projects daily on web – see our references.


E-shops bring other technologies – internet payments, integration in our clients' information systems, DRM (Digital Rights Management) etc. Of course with the necessary stress on safety – we work with real money here.

Customized Applications

In these cases we build solution according to the needs and requirements of a client. The range of technologies you encounter here depends on a project. But surely it is worth ....

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Et netera in one of the founders of the BIZ Association of e-business solution providers.

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