Business Website Optimization

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your website and fully realize its potential? Then it is necessary to care for it, test it, try various methods and evaluate their efficiency.

Economic efficiency – in this case the website conversion ratio – is derived from the proportion of visitors that perform a desired action (aka conversion) to the total number of users that visit the website. Most often, conversion is the purchase of products.

Example: A website has 10,000 visitors during a certain time period. About 150 of them buy a product, so the number of conversions is 150. The conversion ratio is therefore 1.5%. The goal of optimizing a website is to increase the number of conversions. In this example, increasing the conversion ratio to 3% would mean the number of orders would rise to 300 in the period.

A website should be optimized if it fulfills the following criteria:

  • Fulfillment of the website’s goals is quantifiable – typically, this means raising the number of orders (or their value), or it can also be increasing the number of advertisements shown or growth in the number of registered users.
  • The website has a high level of traffic – when a website with tens of thousands of daily visitors sees a fraction of a percentage point increase in the conversion ratio, it can mean a significant increase in revenue.
  • Optimization must be viable – the benefit from the changes made must be higher than the cost of carrying them out.

We use several techniques for optimizing a website, including testing the website on users, a survey using a questionnaire or A/B testing (or multi-variable testing). Tools for evaluating the behavior of users on the Internet called web analytics are then used to propose changes and measure results. Some typical tools include Google Analytics, Urchin or Adobe Omniture Marketing.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. At the beginning, together we will set the targets to be reached. Such targets must be measurable and clearly defined. For instance we can try to increase the number of visitors to your web-site, or we can help gradually increase the sale conversions etc.

In fact, service is a never-ending cycle that continues through out the entire period of realisation:

  • In the preliminary stage we will carry out a short analysis including the definition of monitored targets (KPI) and the situation audit (unless we know it already).
  • Subsequently we will apply the KPI and other indicator monitoring tools. These can include Google analytics, creation of reports from a database etc.
  • Subsequently ET NETERA will carry out regular supervision; the results will be provided in either a weekly or bi-weekly report along with recommended measures for the improvement of KPI. This report is always presented and actively discussed within regular team meetings.
  • These recommendations are then the basic data for projects or marketing activities realised outside the project by a web provider or other entities.

Apart from this basic cycle, we will present a more extensive, detailed report every 3 months about the actual events and their influence on the web KPI.

Who can you meet?

The service is provided by highly qualified experts who have proved their competency in projects that have become a realization for our customers. Without exception they:

  • Can communicate at the business and management level.
  • Can lead a project team and will be immensely active.
  • Will quickly understand your business and business needs.
  • Have more then sufficient technical skills and knowledge to propose only realizable and suitable solutions.
  • Have analytic skills and can use tools for data and web attendance analysis.
  • Are able to communicate in Czech and English.

How much will you pay?

In an ideal situation, our service is free of charge. To be more precise, we generate money for you. We believe the best motivation is to participate in the success brought on by your activities, i.e. the success fee.

Success fee variant

If we manage to set a required target situation it is possible to tie part or the whole fee to reaching of such targets. Based on that, we can then modify the fee payment structure according to a mutual agreement.


6 month target Increase of sale conversion from 1.2% to 3%
Result Fee
Less than 2.5% Free of charge
2,5% - 2,8% 200 thousand
2,8% - 3,2% 50 thousand
More than 3.2% 350 thousand + 20 thousand for each 0,2%

The above table is only an example. Specific conditions are always to be discussed, while the following rules must be respected and honored:

  • Your profit from the project is higher than your costs for the provided services.
  • In case of success our invoice is higher than in case of the classical fee variant.

Classical expert hire variant

In case the above stated model does not suit your needs we can sign a contract for a set fee. The amount is set in advance and depends on the estimated amount of time our consultant will spend on your project.

Below we list typical examples for illustration:

Project No. of hours/month Monthly fee
Extensive e-shop – increase of conversion and creation of new services 30 hours/month 50,000 CZK
Extensive company portal – complex services leading to the improvement of provided services, increase in sales and better customer satisfaction 40 hours/month 100,000 CZK
Standard company presentation, increase of website visitors 10 hours/month 25,000 CZK

The hourly rates range between 2,000 and 2,500 CZK/hour according to the type of consultant and the project character.
The fee for the preliminary audit and implementation of measuring tools is always subject to agreed contract conditions.

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