Ahold - iHypernova and iAlbert

Uniting the communication of both main brands - Hypernova and Albert.


Ahold Central Europe, s.r.o. operates more than 430 Hypernova and Albert supermarkets throughout Central Europe. After the creation of a Central European headquarters, the need to unify the complex communication of all branches in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia surfaced. Internet communication, which company management continued to stress, was part of this new consistency.

The project deadline was set for mid-2005 to coincide with the company moving into a new, modern headquarters and the launch of Albert-brand supermarkets in Slovakia.

The Solution

From the beginning, it was clear that the project will not just be mounting the old website into a new design, but a complete re-construction. Therefore, an extensive marketing analysis began the project. Ahold changed its appearance and its communication with customers. An important part of the project was increasing knowledge of private brands such as Euro Shopper, Hypernova and others. We also had to focus on how to promote the “how to save” marketing campaign, which was launched at the time of the analysis, on the Internet. At individual workshops with Ahold’s marketing specialists, we prepared a catalogue of products of the private brands mentioned above and of various product groups, such as drinks, baked goods, cosmetics, etc. This overview, along with a catalogue of products on sale listed on individual sales ads, fulfilled the need to present the current scale of products offered by the supermarkets. Another part of the analysis showed that it was necessary to include something on the website that is not often seen in this market segment. This led to the creation of an online cookbook with recipes in several categories. Visitors can also add individual ingredients to their shopping list online and easily print it before they leave home. The website also includes an overview of petrol prices at private stations, articles from Albert magazine, polls and positions available with Hypernova or Albert. After the processing of the concept, a new site map was created with descriptions of individual sections. A model wireframe interface, or a proposal of individual pages without design, was created as part of the analysis.

The analysis served as a basis for the new design of the websites. After the design was approved, realization began. The individual websites were built on the jNetPublish [do noveho okna] content management system, which is a professional tool for administering digital content originally developed by Et netera. Thanks to the implementation of this new system, Ahold employees can update their own websites almost in real time. In order to guarantee speed and access of both websites, we decided to operate the new websites on two new servers.


  • Fast and more effective updates of the website.
  • Holding to individual corporate identities.
  • Improving Internet communication with customers.