DVC – project i-legalne.cz

The first legal e-shop selling electronic music.


In 2006 DVC a. s. International decided to launch the first music portal in the Czech and Slovak Republic enabling legal download of music.  The project was inspired by Apple iTunes project however comparing to this foreign portal it operates on the Microsoft Windows Media (WMA) platform.

In the first stage the offer was supposed to cover more than 400.000 music pieces from the most important publishers. The main missions included the possibility to download legally music in the Czech Republic, the creation of a quality music portal informing on music life in the Czech Republic, the access to a complex music offer from publishers and the open fight against music piracy.  The demand included construction of a complete server system to implement the project and following technical administration.


Six months after the project’s start the portal with legal music was launched. 22 designers worked on it. Newly developed CMS jNetPublish was used for the website administration thanks to which the editorial part as well as the e-shop may be easily administered.
The business level B2C enables to manage orders and their tracking, aggregation of orders, parcels, gifts, coupons, discount system. Information on the state of an order is gathered regularly.
The used e-shop application ensures the system of discounts, special offers, catalogue search and is connected to central CMS system. Music can be bought by a registered user.
The B2B system administers the information on archives (data warehouse), tracks, keeps the registry of issued DRM licensed tracks, submits the data for bank transactions, confirms licenses to a DRM licensor and keeps accounting data.
The used payment centre includes payment gates for local banks. Also payments through mobile phones (Premium SMS) may be used with all local mobile operators.

Besides the e-shop a promotion system for banner campaigns was implemented to the portal ilegalne.cz. Thanks to it the marketing advertisements on particular sites may be targeted and evaluated.

Licensing and encrypting music tracks provided by Visual Connection a. s. was an integral part of the solution. The music file licensing system is based on Microsoft DRM technology. The issue of licenses is solved by a third party using a special data server with encrypted tracks with clear URL.  The catalogue is filled either “manually” or with a pre-defined XML with metadata from publishers. The mentioned mechanisms are solved by DVC a. s. on an internal basis.