Telefónica O2 - Convergence

The Convergence project for Telefónica O2 Czech Republic consisted in a complete restructure of a robust website and implementation of insite editing in the CMS jNetPublish system.


After the website rebranding of Český Telecom and Eurotel under the trademark Telefónica O2 it was necessary to unify and restructure the website according the updated needs. At the same time it was decided the new version of CMS jNetPublish including the insite editing should be implemented.


Several types of analyses must have been performed before this long term project began. We for example examined the needs of editors for whom the insite editing was primarily designed, perform a pre-implementation analysis or deployment analysis. As Et netera operates many other websites and applications besides the corporate website for Telefónica O2 it was necessary to keep the existing jNetPublish system in operation even after the launch of the new website. It was necessary to maintain the two systems on all editing, publishing and other servers.

The whole project was divided into a number of stages according to the role of specialists who participated. HTML adjustments were the biggest deal. The website complete navigation, structure, contents and graphic design all changed and therefore it was necessary to adjust all sites accordingly. Further the jNetPublish system was substantially changed due to the implementation of insite editing.

The whole project, from the initial analyses, all implementation processes to final testing, installation and user training took several months of work. The result was a launch of a brand new website at the beginning of 2008.


Visitors can see the substantial change on the first sight. From the very first site at the users are divided according to a client type. The other news for users is a change of navigation. Until the lowest level the website does not differentiate if it is fixed or mobile service, which proves the reputation of Telefónica O2 as a convergent operator. Overall it is a well-arranged, lively website, richer in information.

From the viewpoint of editors the insite editing means a great benefit as it enables to edit websites to real computer laics.