Datart - e shop

New sales channel mady by ET NETERA


DATART INTERNATIONAL, a.s., a member of the KESA Electricals plc group, is a leading Czech and Slovak consumer electronics retail chain. Thanks to the solution provided by ET NETERA, it now offers its products to consumers through its own e-shop.

DATART INTERNATIONAL, a.s. had planned to enter the Internet market over the long term. Because of customer expectations, it demanded a high-quality and reliable e-commerce solution that would allow the company to acquire a large market share. Other demands included:

  • comfortable on-line shopping for consumer electronics
  • a high-quality, robust and flexible solution
  • interfaces to current applications and systems
  • increasing turnover through the new sales channels without limiting current channels
  • increase margins by lowering costs
  • ensure high traffic
  • support for the brand



The basic concept of the solution is based on the need to connect several internal and external applications, including synchronization between them, which will allow for connections between the e-shop, customers, call centers, management and bank systems with the DATART INTERNATIONAL, a.s. infrastructure.

The philosophy of the solution was to offer customers a comfortable user interface, provide management with the information necessary to make decisions and to allow administrators advanced tools for management of the system.


The solution infrastructure is made up of two publication servers and one editorial server.

The architecture is made up of five basic parts: the jNetPublish content management system, a payment system (PayCenter), DATART INTERNATIONAL, a.s. systems, related back office supporting administration systems and a data warehouse.

The jNetPublish system is connected with the logistics and accounting systems providing customers with information about their orders at any point in the process. The PayCenter, where transactions take place, is also connected to the financial and logistic system through the back-office catalogue, which also regularly updates the data warehouse

Result of the Solution

All the demands were met. ET NETERA implemented and integrated its complex e-shop solution at, including the following interconnected and functional modules:

  • process automation
  • product catalogue with online
  • PayCenter
  • tools for creating prices
  • on-line marketing tools, including event and campaign management
  • connections to the call center and customer support
  • tools for sales analyses
  • data connection of the e-shop to ERP through web services
  • expandability


The new e-shop helped achieve all the set goals:

  • proven increase in turnover
  • proven increase in the number of customers
  • proven increase in traffic
  • successful launch onto the pre-Christmas market
  • information to help the decision making process, i.e. statistics