Sales and communication channel on the Internet.


Euromedia Group needed to unify its growing presence on the Internet and to achieve a synergy in order to create an effective sales and communication channel on the Internet for B2B and B2C sales purposes.

The portal should attract the following target audiences according to the specifications, needs and goals of Euromedia Group:

  • regular Internet users
  • members of Knižní klub
  • booksellers

The Solution

The first step was to perform a complex analysis including an audit of the existing solution. The analysis was then used to identify the main needs of the company and divide the project into individual phases that were gradually built up:

  • complex wholesale tool for booksellers
  • retail portal for the general public offering a wide range of titles available in the Czech Republic
  • knižní Klub – a communication and sales channel for club members
  • customer service – Online customer care center using SMS, e-mail or instant messaging as communication channels
  • a proposal for the Knižní web logotype

Technical Solution

The system is designed to be modular, which allows for permanent expansion of the system according to the customer’s needs. The basis for the portal is the proven jNetPublish [do noveho okna] system, which assures administration of the portal and its presentation to end users.

The key to the system was the smooth interconnection between the solution and existing Euromedia Group systems, especially Euromedia Group’s ERP system LCS Noris. Et netera assured integration through a XML interface that synchronizes information about offers, orders and customers in the system. The system is set up so that it can function in case communication between the ERP and the e-shop [do noveho okna] fails.

An integral part of every e-shop is a wide range of payment methods. These are supplied through the PayCenter [do noveho okna], a modular solution for Internet-based transactions.

The PayCentrum assures the initiation of payments and their connection to the ordering process.

Besides the web-based interface, the e-shop also includes an alternative interface for accepting orders through e-mail or SMS messages, which is a popular method used by members of the Knižní klub.


The main advantages of the system are:

  • easing of communication with booksellers – moving to web-based and GSM communication
  • attracting new members to the Knižní klub
  • building a readership community, informing about new items, products, etc.