SCANIA CR - Intranet

Following a detailed needs analysis, ET NETERA created an intranet system designed to share information for SCANIA. The system, which has quickly become one of the company’s main communication channels, is used for communication between employees and between individual dealerships and the Prague headquarters.


Scania direly needed a system that would allow information to be shared and to simplify communication between employees and between the headquarters and individual dealerships.

The Solution

The intranet is designed like an open DMS [do noveho okna] system used to publish documents used in individual departments of the company. The system is based on the tested jNetPublish platform, which assures the basic functions, authorization of access to information, its editing and publication on the intranet.

Main Modules and Functions

The intranet is made up of modules that offer functions for various types of users. These include:
  • Administration of service manuals
  • Administration of the database of replacement parts manuals
  • Marketing documents
  • A record of sales documents
  • Distribution of news
An integral part of this type of system is an effective search engine that allows users to find the information they are searching for. Other functions include:
  • Document versioning - jNetPublish allows for full rollback of all changes made. The whole history of changes can be seen and can be returned to the original state if need be
  • High stability and effectiveness
  • Transparent logging in of users - the system fully cooperates with the Active Directory server. The user is therefore automatically recognized without having to enter his user name and password.


The installation of the system means a basic change in the way information is used. From the points of view of users, the speed of information searches is greatly increased. Also, the process of publication and distribution of documents is simplified and standardized. This all leads to an increase of productivity. The system also has the following goals:
  • Lower the costs for distributing information to dealerships, where the paper circulation of information has been replaced by the intranet.
  • Allows for effective access to information thanks to setting access properties with integration with Active Directory
  • Creates a communication channel for internal marketing