SIEMENS - corporate portal

Unifying the web presentation of individual divisions of the corporation using a central content administration system.


SIEMENS s.r.o. is an over-arching organization under the famous name that includes more than 20 divisions in various sectors. The main problem of this industrial giant's web presentation in the Czech Republic over the long term was the diversity, lack of unity, changing navigation and finally the different levels of updating information from division to division.

The SIEMENS marketing division therefore had a clear goal: to offer individual divisions a high-quality and flexible tool that would unite SIEMENS's marketing communication.

The Solution

ET NETERA used its experience gained during its long-term cooperation with the SIEMENS s.r.o. headquarters and with individual divisions to design a central content management system.

This system offers all divisions a unified, easy to adapt package of basic applications:
  • Catalogue of products
  • Press center
  • Standard informational pages "About Us," "Contacts," etc.
Thanks to this system, the addition of further divisions is very quick and financially advantageous, which provides savings.

Also, all information is centrally located and therefore searches throughout the catalogue of SIEMENS products can be performed. Journalists can appreciate a complete set of press releases, search tools and a newsletter.


The unified publication system allows the central communication strategy to be applied to the entire portfolio of SIEMENS products.
  • Lowering costs for developing presentations of individual divisions
  • Increasing the speed of updates to the website
  • Holding to the unified corporate identity and communication rules