SIEMENS - Intranet

Intranet system for document sharing.


Effective document sharing is one of the basic methods of increasing the productivity of business processes and its importance grows with the size of the organization and its dependence on the fast and problem-free flow of information.

The original impulse for building an intranet system for document sharing came from the SIEMENS internal communications department. ET NETERA created a specialized DMS system that soon began to grow into a company-wide intranet [do noveho okna]. The originally proposed solution stopped meeting the new demands and therefore ET NETERA proposed moving towards a full-fledged DMS [do noveho okna] system, which can assure communication on a company-wide level.

The Solution

The proven jNetPublish system was used in the realization, which combines high output, security and user friendliness.

A DNS system was built on this platform that now administers more than 10,000 documents published and updated by several hundred SIEMENS employees in various divisions of this company.

Besides the primary objective, the system is also designed to meet the needs of internal marketing, which uses the high traffic to communicate with employees.


The installment of the system allowed for the publication of key information and documents in a company-wide intranet. The main advantages include:
  • Lowering the costs of document exchange
  • Improving searches for information thanks to meta-information
  • Lowering email communication and the filling of mailboxes with documents
  • Decentralization of the responsibility for information to individual divisions
  • Lowering the risk of losing information
  • The possibility for immediate feedback from employees