Etnetera Advances to the Final of the European Business Awards And Wins the Title of National Public Champion

15. 01. 2014, Author: Ondřej Čihař

Etnetera a.s., a leading Czech creator of corporate websites and extensive e-business solutions, advanced to the finals of the European Business Awards (2013/2014 European Business Awards) in the category of Employer of the Year.

Etnetera will represent the Czech Republic against 10 other companies in the final; with the winner being awarded the Ruban d’Honneur. Etnetera also won the National Public Champion for the Czech Republic in public voting against 12 other companies that advanced from the first round. A total of 100 of the best European companies advanced to the finals of the individual categories and the winners will be announced on May 27, 2014 at a ceremony in Athens, Greece.

The European Business Awards seeks to recognize the most innovative and successful European businesses in their fields that strive to achieve the highest quality and sustainable development. The awards are open to various-sized companies in all sectors (see Etnetera was nominated for Employer of the Year for its innovation in managing a company; specifically, for its transformation from a traditionally-managed company into a democratic one where employees themselves take part in management. Basically, this means removing restrictive rules and regulations in return for freedom, trust, responsibility, and participation.

“We're delighted that we succeeded against so many of the best companies in the second round and that we've advanced to the finals. We've chosen a very difficult path that we still cannot see the end of. The European Business Awards is a well-known and highly-regarded review of the most dynamic companies in Europe and we look forward to the finals and believe we will be successful,” said Martin Palička, an executive director of Etnetera.

Last year, the revenue of the companies participating in the European Business Awards totaled nearly 1 trillion euros, with firms representing 28 EU members and other countries. This revenue equals 8.23% of the collective GDP of the EU, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. Together, these companies employ more than 2.7 million people across the European continent.

The finals consist of a 35-minute presentation in front of the judges in Dusseldorf between February 17 and March 7, 2014, depending on the category. The public can also vote online to select the European Public Champion to be selected from the 30 national public champions. The second phase of voting began on January 14 and will continue until 5 p.m. CET, March 25, 2014. You can watch Etnetera's video entry and vote for it here.


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