Et netera dominated Internet Effectiveness Awards 2011, grabbing four top spots across three categories.

29. 09. 2011, Author: DNe

Et netera a.s. won four top spots in three categories of the Internet Effectiveness Awards, which honor the most efficient projects on the Czech internet. As its first, the company won the main prize in the category “Innovation Award”.
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Internet Effectiveness Awards is a competition held by the Association of Internet Solution Vendors – Its jury bestows two types of awards: for efficiency and for innovation (a special category). In the former, the judges evaluate specific successes achieved by solutions through digital media. Overall success is measured relative to the total cost of a project. In the latter, for the innovation awards, the judges evaluate innovativeness of solution objectives, strategies and functionality. The expert jury awards those solutions where it sees a potential for future success based on innovative approach. These solutions don't necessarily need to prove economic, marketing or other successes. The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, September 28 in a “carnival heroic mood” in Prague's Palác Koruna.

Et netera won in the category “Best Portal” with its mobile portal Mobilní sázení (Mobile Bet) built for Fortuna. It is a brand new and innovative portal for smartphones. The mobile betting site can be used in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and internationally through FORTUNAWIN.COM. “Our motivation for the project was the fact that with increasing sophistication of the technology, today's phones are computers rather than just call boxes. At the same time, Fortuna's existing mobile site was clearly outdated. The new mobile betting site enables placing bets by simply tapping on the screen. You can now even bet online on live games in real time. This is a unique service no competitor in the Czech Republic currently offers,” said Michal Hanák, chief bookmaker of Fortuna.

In the category “Best mobile applications and mobile marketing”, Et netera prevailed with its TAXIcheck app, a taximeter for smartphones. Using this sophisticated program, a customer can easily check whether the taxi driver is charging true to current rate and mileage. The app is currently available in English and Czech. "The app works offline and can run without a data connection using just GPS, which is particularly beneficial for tourists using data roaming services. TAXIcheck calculates ride cost using the same method as the conventional taximeters, according to current national standards,” says Peter Jareš, sales and marketing director Et netera.

První multimediální, a creative division of Et netera, won in the category “Best Use of Video” with its project “Nokia FAMU – Show me what you can do it with it!” The aim was to show that proclaimed statements of the quality of sensor technology inside the Nokia N8 don't lie and that the mobile phone can actually shoot a high quality video. Considering the fact that similar attempts in the past had rather limited appeal among the customer and user base (various best user video competitions), we decided to collaborate on this with professionals and young talents. Another objective was to provide financial and technical backing to students of the prestigious film school, bust the myth of a “gang of moronic intellectuals” and check the viral potential of such unique art project without a single crown invested in promotional campaign. In addition to a new hi-tech phone, the author of the winning movie won 70,000.- Kč to spend on any project. The whole leadership of FAMU including its Dean was involved in the preparation and evaluation of the competition, and each student had his or her mentor over the entire period of making the project.

As the winner in the category “Innovation Award”, the jury selected the TAXIcheck mobile app. The jury chose TAXIcheck from total of 37 projects primarily due to the fact that this is the first and only mobile app of its kind on our market.


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