About Company

Et netera helps companies to use progressive information technologies in business. Et netera means clever e-business solution for clever firms.


There are many reasons why choose our firm to work with. We are still a group of young experts. We have the experience with large projects.


Et netera is a Czech company seated in Prague. Since its foundation in 1997 it has been fully owned by private Czech capital, it regularly increases its turnover, number of employees and awards.

Vision and misson

All we do have its objective. Rush headlessly into a thing just for money, it is not our style. Perhaps some people may be surprised but the overwhelming majority of our employees use their brains when working.


Get acquainted with our management. See what they look like and read about their lives.


Even others have noticed the quality of our work. The exhibition in our boardroom and the”Wall of Glory” are getting full.


We do not keep everything for ourselves. We try to help others in various ways. However we realize we cannot save the whole world.

Why ETN?

ilustrační obrázek

Why has ET NETERA become the “Company of the year” 2009 in Prague?

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Basic Company Info

Employees:165 (6/2014)
Turover:262 mio CZK (2013)

Turnover in 1997-2013
(in millions of CZK)

Vývoj obratu společnosti v letech 1997-2012

Average number of employees in 1997-2013

Průměrný počet zaměstnanců v letech 1997-2012