20. 02. 2008

There are many reasons why choose our firm to work with. We are still a group of young experts. We have the experience with large projects.
  • Our client is in the first place.We always try to find the best solution for him not only to sell him anything.
  • We are a well established Czech firm.Projects are executed by our permanent staff.
  • There are many experts employed in our firm.Their work is a hobby for them, they are driven by anxiety to develop new things and approaches.
  • Solutions, on any platforms, are based on open standards (mainly Java 2 Enterprise Edition, XML and W3C).
  • We develop own technologies (if there are not any with a sufficient quality).
  • We have the experience with projects of various sizes.
  • Many awards and prizes testify our quality work.
  • The fact that our clients are faithful proves their satisfaction.

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Why ETN?

ilustrační obrázek

Why has ET NETERA become the “Company of the year” 2009 in Prague?

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Basic Company Info

Employees:165 (6/2014)
Turover:262 mio CZK (2013)

Turnover in 1997-2013
(in millions of CZK)

Vývoj obratu společnosti v letech 1997-2012

Average number of employees in 1997-2013

Průměrný počet zaměstnanců v letech 1997-2012