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Martin Palička (*1975)
Chairman of the Board and Etnetera a.s. Executive Director

Martin Palička, a graduate of the Prague University of Economics (VŠE), first began his professional education in Australia. He then worked in several firms, such as Renesance Burzovní a.s, where he worked as a trader. He worked as the traffic manager in Boomerang. Before joining ET NETERA in 2000, he worked as a financial analyst for foreign markets with Stratego Invest.


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Basic Company Info

Employees:165 (6/2014)
Turover:262 mio CZK (2013)

Turnover in 1997-2013
(in millions of CZK)

Vývoj obratu společnosti v letech 1997-2012

Average number of employees in 1997-2013

Průměrný počet zaměstnanců v letech 1997-2012

ilustrační obrázek

Et netera in one of the founders of the BIZ Association of e-business solution providers.

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jNP - IT product 2008

ilustrační obrázek

CMS jNetPublish of ET NETERA a.s. company obtained the IT PRODUCT of the Year 2008 award.

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Certificate ISO 9001

Et netera has obtained the certificate of quality according to
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.