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20. 02. 2008

All we do have its objective. Rush headlessly into a thing just for money, it is not our style. Perhaps some people may be surprised but the overwhelming majority of our employees use their brains when working.

Our Vision

The natural choice for clients and experts.

We strive to provide exclusive e-business services to our clients and bring our own top of the line technologies to the market.

Our Mission

  • Information technologies are our building blocks. Where we don’t find technologies on the market of sufficient quality, we develop them ourselves.
  • Our tools are knowledge, experience and creative thinking.
  • Our abilities are the art of understanding our clients’ needs and their environment and keeping our word.
  • Our advantage is enthusiasm, because we like our work and want to constantly improve.
  • Our mission is to use all this together for the long-term success of our clients and the development of the information society.

Our Values

In all that we do, we acknowledge the following values:

  1. Correctness – towards our clients, employees, shareholders, the market, society and the rest of the world.
  2. Understanding – pof the client's needs, needs of employees, and the ability to understand the client in his "language."
  3. Flexibility – conventions, routine and bureaucracy must never lower our ability to fulfill the client's needs.
  4. Creativity – the constant effort to bring new ideas into what we are doing and what our clients are doing.
  5. Development – the long-term development of cooperation with clients, personal developments of employees and therefore the development of the company.


Why ETN?

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Why has ET NETERA become the “Company of the year” 2009 in Prague?

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Basic Company Info

Employees:165 (6/2014)
Turover:262 mio CZK (2013)

Turnover in 1997-2013
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Average number of employees in 1997-2013

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