Google Analytics

Etnetera believes in long-term cooperation and that is, why are we interested in the commercial success of all the applications we deliver. We provide a complete set of tools for visitor tracking, behavior analysis or ecommerce performance for all of our customers.

For the basic statistical analysis of a website traffic we recommend Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Certified Partner

Google Analytics provide rich insights into your website traffic including the most interesting Key Performance Indicators like:

  • Visitor tracking
    • numbers of visits and absolute unique visitors and their pageviews
    • demographic analysis - geo targeting down to city level
    • browser capabilities, operating systems and screen resolutions
    • visitor loyalty and recency
    • and many more
  • Content and navigation analysis
    • which are the most visited pages
    • how do visitors navigate through them
    • unique „site overlay“ visualization
    • site-search analysis
  • Taffic sources analysis
    • from where the visitors come from
    • which keywords they use in their search queries
    • how many visitors come from paid campaigns
  • Goals and Funnels
    • goal conversion tracking – registrations, order–process, newsletter subscribtions or visits on particular pages
  • Ecommerce
    • number of transactions and achieved revenue
    • relationships between ecommerce conversions and other metrics (e.g. what portion of the revenue was brought by a particular banner campaign)

All the data is accessible and observed in the long-time manner and the trends are easily spotted. You can compare metrics between different time periods or perform a multidimensional in-depth analysis.

Deployment to your website

Google Analytics are provided as a free tool for up to 5mio. pageviews per month. More successfull presentations need to use AdWords actively and we can help with this as well. The complete solution runs on Google's infrastructure, so there is no need to obtain any extra hardware.

All the expenses consist of impelmentation of tracking codes into your site's templates and courses for your employees.

Services we offer

Implementation of Google Analytics is quite easy for small websites, but larger presentations require deeper insight provided by our expert consultants. This consists e.g. ecommerce and cross-domain tracking, goal setting and site-search analysis.

In such case we offer:

  • deployment analysis – validation of possible range of implementation, definition of key performance indicators, determination of possible additional user segmentation
  • advanced tracking code implementation, thereafter deplyed to your website
  • Google Analytics courses for both implementation and data interpretation
  • effects and data observations and delivery of corresponding improvement proposals
  • Google Analytics accounts maintenance

Our consultants

Jiří ŠtěpánGoogle Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 37KB), click to verify
Lukáš Čech (Zaplatílek)Google Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 411KB), click to verify
Roman GazárekGoogle Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 412KB), click to verify
Ivan ČentéšGoogle Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 37KB), click to verify
Martin KačerGoogle Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 37KB), click to verify
Ondřej ZapletalGoogle Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 37KB), click to verify
Tomáš KružíkGoogle Analytics IQ: Certificate (PDF 37KB), click to verify




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